I have been a creative professional working as a practitioner and consultant in the fields of communication design and photography for 21 years. My concepts, designs, and photography were founded in my early years as a comic book artist. I began my career by launching one of the first African American comic books in the early 90’s, “Afroman and His Amazing Homies.” The intention of the project was to help educate youth of color in understanding and fighting ignorance in our society; a focus on youth from disconnected communities has remained a through line in my work. After serving in the United States Navy. I studied communication design and photography at American Intercontinental University and then attended Pratt Institute in NYC, where I achieved my Masters of Science in Communication Design.

This was my ticket to opportunity and the catalyst to my career. I moved on to motivate and manage interdisciplinary teams as a creative director, art director and photographer, both in-house and freelance, working with A-list agency hotshots. I designed, art directed, photographed, and managed brands creatively, creating work related to underground hip hop, fashion, and pop culture, photographing in the streets of NYC and working internationally. My work has taken me on a demanding international photoshoots and on brand development assignments intended to specifically harness company culture through story telling. I have worked in image and concept development, moving from the glamour of the runway to photographing the workers of the fashion world throughout Hong Kong, Vietnam and Bangladesh for one of the top global manufacturing fashion houses in Asia and globally. I have often been able to bring to my work a focus beyond the mainstream and into the more authentic story of the people and the place, connecting them with an audience and adding human aspects to a brand.

This focus has led to being commissioned three times by the Bangladesh government to concept and create an awareness campaign through the medium of photography and communication design for Bangladesh Independence Day Celebrations, launched via media outlets throughout Bangladesh and Asia.  In the U.S., my work lead to successfully pitching for one of the Nations top hip-hop culture business moguls, Russell Simmons, who is the president and founder of Phatfarm. Working with Phatfarm consisted of developing creative campaigns and executing photoshoots in New York for magazine and billboards ads.

Portland, Oregon is where I now lay my head. After leaving the hustle of New York City, my career paths, and my life, have expanded beyond the realm of the traditional creative world. Mother Nature has played a huge role in my healing from post-war traumas as an Navy Veteran, which led me to launching a non-profit organization unlike any other (Soul River Inc) that brings at-risk youth and Veterans as mentors together into threatened wild spaces that we call deployments, mission-driven experiences where advocacy and outdoor education meet. My work has lead me to politicians’ offices on Capitol Hill, to the frigid rivers of the Arctic Circle, to the swampy marshes of the Florida Everglades advocating for conservation and bringing our veterans and at-risk youth together into wild spaces growing tomorrow leaders of conservation. My creative work has always been a part of sharing that story, and showing a wider representation of people’s lives in unknown places.